If you were to ask Mateo, Diego and Alicia how this project came together, they would say that they met like most people do in the entertainment industry -- degrees of separation mixed with fortuitous collision. Though, what they think people are really asking is, “what’s the special sauce?”
directors and the producer

A Conversation

Alicia: Our relationship is based on respecting what each member of the team brings to the mix. In a way, we see ourselves as a conduit for the film, it’s messages and themes- it’s bigger than us and our egos- so we always service the story first and foremost.

Diego: Blaze You Out is an intensely layered story with symbolism that is rooted in northern New Mexican traditional and pop culture. The setting and symbolism throughout the film are just as much their own characters that play into and against the interpersonal dynamics of the people in the film. The story is filled with bold and conflicted characters that are driven by their deep physical and emotional needs..

Mateo: We often don’t get to see a lot of stories about people, about humanity. We wanted to tell a story with strong female characters because of our experiences. I grew up around strong women and saw that more and more women are carrying the load for their community. We believe that our audience is hungry for these kinds of authentic stories.

Diego: Exactly, it’s about authenticity; it’s what drives our creative vision. I grew up here in Espanola, New Mexico, in a working artists’ household. I’ve always been actively involved in the community and I felt very passionate about telling a story that my community could identify with as well as give a mass audience an idea of what that experience is like.

Mateo: With that in mind, we aim to respect the intelligence and intuition of the audience. Intentionally leaving holes to fill, places where the viewer can apply their own visions, beliefs and dreams. We want the audience to feel as if they are discovering and exploring our story, not just consuming it.

Alicia: I believe that this film will resonate with a myriad of audiences in a very personal way because it speaks to core principles; survival and fighting for what you love most, family. It speaks to the raw emotional bond that exists between siblings. With all the madness that’s happening in this world, people are reexamining their existence and what is really important in their lives. Blaze You Out speaks to that reality. We've been told constantly that this is an “ambitious” project. Diego, Mateo and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We feel blessed to work with such a creative and passionate crew; an amazing team that instills in us the confidence and courage to bring this project to life.